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Anoushka Healy 

I have known Fliss Demir for 15 years plus and she is an outstanding professional, exceptionally organized,  highly capable and a joy to work with. She approaches every project/assignment with clarity, integrity and purpose and i would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone considering working with her. She has worked in a wide variety of businesses and cannot be phased whether working for a start up, a large corporate or for private individuals, she is one of those rare individuals who can do it all 

(Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at News Corporation)

Carlo Toller 

I have worked with Fliss on a very complex project involving many external parties for more than 2 years. She has been the driving force behind this project and kept it on track against a number of unexpected obstacles. Available 24/7 even during very challenging personal hurdles, she managed all parties smoothly meeting very tight deadlines. 

(Chief Operating Officer – Director of Operations, Acheron Capital)

Clare Hogan 

liss is one of those quite rare people who know just the right people to solve your problems. When you've tried your best and don't know where to turn, turn to Fliss.

(Clare Hogan)

Fiona Campbell 

Fliss is an extraordinary project executor one of the best I have ever worked with. She is across all required detail and deliverables and can action in a calm, diplomatic and determined manner. She understands every clients stresses and issues of sensitivities - a life changer ! 

(Controller Youth Audience, BBC Iplayer and BBC Three)

Giles Whittell

I have worked with Fliss in a big media organisation and a small media startup. In both cases she had a central role handling rolling deadlines under acute pressure, and was always the calm at the eye of the storm. More than that, especially at the startup, she had the bandwidth and commitment to contribute on strategy, management and the general direction of the company. Fliss is a team player but also a special talent, able to see round corners, head off trouble and spot opportunities while everyone else is still sipping their flat whites. 


Jonathan Cake

Fliss Demir has been a great asset to work with. Her sense of calm, thoroughness and persistence really took pressure off me when i was trying to start a new venture. She is extremely bright, goes the extra mile for her clients and thinks creatively to solve problems big or small. 


Kate Weinberg 

Fliss Demir has worked for us as an executive PA for nearly 12 years. She has a phenomenal work rate and not only excels at all problem-solving (whether it’s dealing with taxes, builders, houses, cars, holidays, general life admin or setting up new systems) but is brilliant at anticipating issues that may arise. In this way she not only takes huge amounts of work and stress off your shoulders but sometimes things you never even knew were there in the first place! 

All this is done with warmth, loyalty, and efficiency.  She takes great pride in making sure she can fix everything and get you the best outcome she possibly can and will leave no stone unturned until she has done so. She has a great ability to understand and empathise with the shape of your day, and make life easier in every way she can. Can’t recommend her services - and her, personally - highly enough. 


Keith Blackmore 

Keith Blackmore, formerly Deputy Editor at The Times and Managing Editor at BBC News

I have known Fliss for more than 15 years. She started out as my personal assistant but soon became much more - my fixer-in-general, in fact. Her determination, her refusal ever to take no for an answer solved any number of problems for me, whether it was arranging a big event for important guests or making sure a disabled person would get proper access to an awards ceremony. All this she did with a touch of humour and always with pride in her performance. If you have a problem, big or small, I strongly recommend you turn to Fliss. 


Laura Wescott 

I loved working with Fliss at The Times and was so impressed by her organisational skills and problem solving that I reached out after starting my first company. She went through all my information with meticulous care and helped come up with a new approach. I cannot recommend Fliss more highly. 

(Founder of Music for Mental Wealth and vocal artist ‘Aura’)

Neila Butt

I worked with Fliss whilst I was seconded into the BBC News leadership team. Fliss had one of the busiest roles within the newsroom. Balancing many stakeholders and partners meant she had to find solutions fast. She was pleasant and realistic at managing expectations and ensured that all parties had the best outcome, whatever that may have been. Working in a busy newsroom this would often change right up to the last minute. I always admired how she was able to prioritise and communicate some very complex scenarios in an efficient and productive manner.  

(Creative Diversity Lead, Nations and Regions, Channel 4)

Roger Alton 

I have known Felicity professionally and personally for a number of years. She is by some margin one of the most  reliable and effective operators in her field. She is also a warm and dependable  woman who inspires great trust in all those around her.  Felicity is a joy to work with and be with and I  wish I was working alongside her right now. She is wholly reliable  and trustworthy. 

(Journalist and ex-Editor)